Organization Introduction



Director: Liao Yuhui

Education: National Diligence Business School


Head of the Nantou County Government Tourist Office (Scenic Management Division)

Director of Nantou County Government Tourist Office (Sightseeing Marketing Division)

Nantou County Government Tourism Office

The director of the Nantou County Scenic Area Management Office is one of the directors of the county magistrate, and is under the command and supervision of the director of the Nantou County Government Tourism Office. Management courses and engineering courses are divided according to the nature of the business, and are responsible for related services within the jurisdiction.
Department Staff Work projects
Management class 3 ◆Scenic area operation, outsourcing, management and other services.
◆Tourism and amusement industry management.
◆Road sign inspection business in the sightseeing and recreation industry area.
Works section ◆Sightseeing bicycle lane maintenance business.
◆Cable car operation management business.
◆Repair, maintenance and management of public facilities in the scenic area of the area.
Accounting room ◆Handle the accounting related business of the firm.
Personnel room ◆Handle our personnel management matters.