Website management specification

1. Nantou County Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as this website), in order to effectively manage the website of the Department (including the English version) and establish a data maintenance mechanism to ensure the correctness and timeliness of the online information, this specification is specifically formulated.

Second, the website collects Chinese management as the principle. The website entrusts the information company to coordinate the allocation of website addresses, set up firewalls, and establish website security protection to prevent malicious attacks or tampering.

3. The principle of maintaining the division of labor on the website of the Department:

The website set up on this website is assigned to be managed by a special person. The information on the webpage and the contents of the form should be checked frequently. When the information is added or changed, it should be handled according to the operating procedures, and the latest information should be kept at all times to avoid providing expired or incorrect information.
Data providing unit: The collection and update of the original materials by the individual personnel of each unit, and the inspection and proofreading after the completion of the relevant webpage.
Web page production unit: Responsible for the production of web pages and Internet access.
All units shall, on the basis of the powers and responsibilities, sign the information on the propaganda matters, related activities or press releases, and build them on the website under the "new news" and "announcement matters" and other related items, and be responsible for the correctness of the information. Timeliness.
Fourth, the data on the operating procedures of the network (processing procedures such as schedule):

Data provision: The data providing unit is responsible for collecting, collecting and checking the correctness of the original data (including written materials and electronic files) for the production of web pages.
Update of webpage content: The data providing unit is responsible for collecting the updated information (including written materials and electronic files) and checking the correctness of the information for the production of webpages; otherwise, it is also necessary to delete the data and handle the offline work.
Web page creation: The new web page is produced by the web page production unit or processed outside the website.
Data proofreading: The content of the webpage is checked or printed proofread by the data provider.
On the webpage: After the webpage content is checked and the proofreading is correct, all the units are responsible for the Internet; the same is true when the website is offline.
The electronic files provided by each unit in this specification shall be provided in word, pdf or Excel file compatible format if the text or form information is provided, and other visual display requirements shall be determined in conjunction with the information room of the Department.
Fifth, website maintenance system management

All copyrights, patents, trademarks, other intellectual property rights, ownership or other rights of all works and materials on this website are owned by the producers of this website and their original authors, except for the traffic safety promotion materials, which are welcome to be reproduced and used. It may not be reproduced, transmitted, altered, edited or used in any other form or for any purpose without the prior authorization of this website or its rights holders.
Based on system management and security considerations, the business contractors of the Department assign a set of account numbers and passwords. Each person should change the passwords in a timely manner. The control of each unit is handled by each unit.
Six, management practices

The topic of ridiculous, slanderous, infringing, defamatory, pornographic, rude, damaging, reactionary, or illegal may not be published on this website. When making a statement, you should respect the rights and privacy of others and other legitimate rights and interests.
You may not post or engage in advertisements or transmit surveys, contests, multiple pyramid schemes, sales of game accounts or physical goods on this website. (including connection)
Obey the law and abide by the ethics of the Internet.
The website of the Department does not assume any legal responsibility for the comments of netizens.
If there is any violation of the rules of use of our website, our website reserves the right to delete the speech.
In addition to the correctness of the information reviewed by the units, the website of the Department regularly reviews the website information on a regular and irregular basis.
Seven, network system management personnel

Regularly count the network usage of the website and evaluate the current status of the network equipment to increase the network speed.
Establish and maintain a user account for the network system of this website.
Record network system anomalies and maintain relevant written information.
Eight, application system maintenance personnel

Responsible for user code management, rights management, virus prevention, auditing procedures, etc., to implement the requirements of the application security policy.
Maintenance personnel have a maintenance record for daily access to the system. The application system itself must provide security control functions to meet the security management requirements for certification, authorization and audit during operation to ensure information security.