Attractions introduction

Spot name
Zhushan Ladder Suspension Bridge Park
Zhushan Town
No. 590, Dinglin Road, Da'anli, Zhushan Town, Nantou County
Nantou County Scenic Spot Management Office (049) 2246058 or 2246059
Opening hours
Zhushan Tianti Park has not been completed due to the completion of the park construction project. In order to maintain the safety of tourists, the park will be closed from now on. The reopening time will be released separately, and the tourists are requested to cooperate. Please do not enter during the construction!
Traffic information
National Highway No. 3 → Xiazhushan Interchange → Go to the Outer Ring Road of Zhushan City → After passing the “McDonald's”, take the 149 County Road from the right side of the “Lairfu” Convenience Store on the right. Follow the signs on the road to the ladder (Daling No. 590, Lin Road).

It takes an hour's drive from Zhushan City to the ladder.
Attractions details
In the Dashan Mountain area of Zhushan, the hard sandstone layer was cut by the Tunxi River, which created the majestic canyon water. The Taiwanese saying "a trip to the navel, two eyes to the eyebrow" is difficult to do.

The Nantou County Government is here to build a ladder suspension bridge that spans a 100-meter-long Taiji Gorge, allowing you to stay on the bridge with a condescending view of the gorge of the cliffs and waterfalls.

The suspension bridge of the first stepped cable bridge of the whole station has a total length of 136 meters and a total of 208 steps. The difference between the two ends is up to 20 meters. There is a ladder above the ladder ridge. The name of the "ladder suspension bridge" was given by the naming activity, but People love to call it the "ladder". To experience the infinite charm of Taijimei, it is recommended to take a walk on the ladder (Nantou Zhushan Ladder Suspension Bridge), so that you can be amazed again and again. Take advantage of the magnificent scenery and create the most beautiful mountain legend. Just stand now
Fare information
Since March 14, 2009, the "Tai Chi Canyon Ladder Suspension Bridge Area in Zhushan Town" has been charged for entrance tolls and parking fees.

Full ticket: NT$50.

Preferred ticket: NT$30.
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