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Hutoushan County Scenic Area
Puli Town
Hutou Mountain, Puli Town, Nantou County
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Hutou Mountain is a resort that rarely experiences flying umbrellas in the central part. It is operated by the “Huxiao Mountain Villa” on the side. It provides flight experience from the first two thousand to the high-end seven thousand and can also camp in the park.
Traffic information
Zhongshan High→Zhonggang Interchange→Zhongzhang Expressway→Connected to Zhonggao→Xiayu Interchange→Xingtai 14 Line (Zhongtan Highway) to Puli District, passing Ailan Bridge to Puli Town, Yucha Road can be left Transfer to Xinyi Road for about 10 minutes to see or go straight to Zhongshan Road. Follow Zhongshan Road to Puli High School and go to the geographic center monument. It is about 58 kilometers from the 14th line, then go up the mountain on the right side of the asphalt road to the top of the mountain. Go to Hutou Mountain.
Attractions details
Hutou Mountain is located in the northeast suburb of Puli Town. It has an altitude of about 650 meters. It is located in the center of Taiwan and surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Mounted on Hutou Mountain, with a wide view, overlooking the entire Puli Basin here, it is a good place for the villagers in Puli to climb the mountain and practice their feet, watching the birds fly in the sky and enjoy the clouds, the sunset and the night scene.
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