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Shuanglong Waterfall Park
Xinyi Township
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Natural scenery
Shuanglong Waterfall Water Source Suspension Bridge, Guangfu Lane, Xinyi Township, Nantou County
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Not yet open
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The waterfall is about 100 meters high, and the waterfall is rumbled, and the mist is very beautiful. Some sections of the road after the storm were damaged and have not been repaired. When you travel to the area, please confirm on departure and pay attention to safety.
Traffic information
National Highway No. 3 → Inter-Function Interchange → Taiwan 3 Line → Taiwan 16 Line → Taiwan 21 Line → Xinyi → Shuanglong Waterfall
Attractions details
Shuanglong Village, located in Xinyi Township, Nantou County, is named after two dragons. It is a tributary of the turbid water stream. The source is dumped from the top of the millennium, and the valley is 200 meters deep. The Shuanglong Waterfall and Shuanglong Gorge are formed. Shuanglong Waterfall was originally only a distant view. Its old road was from the small road next to the St. Paul's Catholic Church to the Shuanglongzhen Trail to the water source pipe suspension bridge. In 106, the Nantou County government newly built a Ssangyong Ishi shore plank road, crossing the damaged trail to the waterfall, so that tourists can easily get close to the waterfall. The length of the plank road is 707M, the difference is 425M, 500 steps, the steel structure skeleton and the steel mesh laying ladder, does not destroy the natural ecology, and also does not affect the natural landscape, and forms a relaxed hydrophilic stroke with the Ssangyong Canyon. .

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