Attractions introduction

Trail name Qingjing Skywalk
Renai Township
Types of
Natural scenery
No.186-1 Renhe Road, Ren'ai Township, Nantou County
Opening hours
Business hours 08:00~17:00
Brief description of attractions
The trail system is located on the Taiwanese ridge overlooking the Central Mountain Range, Hehuan Peak, Nengshan Mountain and Qilai Mountain. It is the only sightseeing trail in the country with this view. Visitors can enjoy the scenery of Taiwan's high mountains and the greenery at the same time. An abundance of canopy ecology.
Traffic information
Drive along the 14th line of the station, or take the Nantou Passenger Transport Taichung to Qingjing Farm without a gap.
Attractions details
Under the concept of friendly sightseeing environment, we will set up roadside pedestrian elevated walkways with the concept of separation of people and vehicles, so that visitors can safely watch all major scenic spots in the Qingjing area along the sides of the 14th line of the platform. Under the obstruction of sight, the central mountain ranges such as Hehuan Mountain, Nengshan Mountain and Qilai Mountain are far from the mountainous landscape.

Along the Qingjing Farm and Pastoral Area on the right side of the 14th line of the platform, the steel structure is set up on the elevated structure of the steel structure. The planned length of the trail is about 1,200 meters and the width is 2.5 meters. The height is arranged according to the terrain and passes through the Qingqing Grassland Shopping Street. The North Side Prairie Visitor Center connects the existing 5th and 5th steps of the Qingqing Grassland and walks to the National Hotel to form a 3,500-meter circular sightseeing corridor.
Fare information
Adult ticket NTD$50, Concession ticket NTD$30, Special titcket NTD$10
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